Business Consulting & Strategy 

I have designed a consultation program that will help you understand the significant factors impacting your business in real time. I then work with you to refocus and realign with a customized business strategy and a business canvas you need for competing and innovating, in todays competitive business landscape.






Business Coaching

I have created a multi-pronged approach that will help you to solidify your foundation and financials, determine your market position, create high-level strategy and alliances, become an industry authority, build your clientele and tribe, and increase your revenue streams.



Business Mentoring

We work together to solve concise problems in hyper focused power calls . We define your biggest problems and goals and tackle them over a 12 month cycle. 



Business Accountability Partner

As well-meaning as friends, family or partners may be, it’s best to keep your accountability partner outside of your inner circle. An accountability partner should be someone who can keep you honest and gets you back on track when you fall short. Your friends and loved ones may be afraid to share their honest feedback with you out of concern for your feelings or fear of the repercussions of brutal honesty. I make your accountability sessions focussed with a unique productivity program to help you reach your next level. 



Friend-Preneur Group Session 

Accountability group sessions to help your entire group rise to the occasion. Three hour sessions that include mind-mapping, brain storming, business canvasing, intensive planning, and a post check-in process. 



Mastermind Invitational 

Coming Soon.

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Workshop Intensive

Book Nicole Garner Scott to come speak to your group and achieve business breakthrough. The signature Oui Business Suite Coaching Process will be used to bring your group through a 360 degree business analysis resulting in a